In a tougher environment, professional services firms need to be more efficient and effective at capturing any revenue there is out there, now and when the market turns upwards again.

‘Sheep dip’ sales training programmes will not deliver the efficiency and accountability required to drive sales in a challenging environment.


Business referral team

Small ‘internal networking’ units with a maximum of 20 ‘members’ from various practice areas and sectors with possible convergence who meet once a week for one hour to share their (or their clients’) requirements and identify who can help.


  • 1-5 referrals per meeting.
  • One new job per month.
  • Unit becoming fully autonomous within 6 months.

Innovation brainstorm

A workshop with a group servicing related clients/client needs to identify opportunities to change what or how services are offered to make the most of short/medium-term market conditions.


  • Reasons to make contact with clients and targets once or twice.
  • At least one new ‘hook’ to offer to clients and targets.
  • 3 to 5 new sales cycles started.

Growth Initiative:

  1. Project Set Up & Kick Off
  2. Draft Value Proposition
  3. Draft X group Methodology’
  4. Draft "Sales Process"
Phase 1
Phase 2

  1. Collate Outputs from Phase 1 into Simple Toolkit
  2. Develop Additional “Sales Tools”
  3. Define Tailored “Pursuit” Plan for Selected Companies
  4. Set Up Sales Pipeline & Sales Management

  1. Rehearse & Practice Using  all New Tools & Skills
  2. Run Weekly & Monthly Progress Review
  3. Individual Telephone Coaching
  4. Team Coaching
Phase 3


Steve Allen<br>Senior Partner at Mills & Reeve LLP

Steve Allen
Senior Partner at Mills & Reeve LLP

"I worked with Anne on a special project for Mills & Reeve LLP which helped us win new clients. Anne proved to be an exceptional team leader, creative in her approach yet practical in terms of implementation. Anne managed to get the best out of our team, generating enthusiasm resulting in a rare willingness from some busy lawyers to commit time to the project. I would not hesitate to recommend Anne should you be looking for an innovative coach focused on helping build business development skills and delivering best service to your clients..."

Global Head of Strategy<br>Global Logistics Company

Global Head of Strategy
Global Logistics Company

"Anne is highly innovative and experienced at building up salesorganisations and motivating people about selling and how tosell. She keeps things simple and maintains focus on the aim. She is also personally outstanding at building up sales leads andrelationships and winning major contracts..."

Dan Thomas<br>Partner at Bidwells Real Estate

Dan Thomas
Partner at Bidwells Real Estate

"I worked with SWAM on an ambitious project to expand our core services into the Oxford Market Place. The direct approach to delivering the wealth of experience and knowledge gave the project direction and pace. The strategic foundations that SWAM helped us build have hugely benefited the growth of the Oxford office which has far exceeded the targets we set ourselves..."

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