The individual clients we consult with range from senior partners who want to keep their game sharp, to up-and-coming associates eager to prove their value to the firm.

As Business Development Strategists, our involvement is viewed as a valued resource, a privilege and integral to a lawyer’s future success. It should not be a last resort intervention; it is not intended to be remedial and it will not work for everybody.


Those who work with us want support in maximising their relationships and optimising their potential.

They want to be helped.

They are happy to be challenged and feel uncomfortable at times.

They have a desire and commitment to succeed and are willing to experiment and go outside their comfort zone.

They are not resistant to change, are willing to do the necessary work and know it is what it takes to grow.


What is required to make a BD consulting relationship successful?


Motivation and accountability are key

Professionals who need to sell must learn to be disciplined in their approach to BD and be prepared to be held accountable.

We work with each individual to identify their unique challenges and to develop a personal plan to neutralise them.

Each consulting relationship is unique

There is no one solution. We are flexible and adapt to each client and the culture in which they practice.

We have a small team of Business Development Strategists allowing all parties to pick the best fit.

Commitment to the process is crucial

We are selective and ask the firm to be too. There is an “interview” process and sponsorship from group leaders. We conduct our own research too. 

Then we ask you to commit to the programme and the homework that goes with it.

Tracking is fundamental

The most successful lawyers capture their thoughts and ideas rather than keeping it all in their heads.

Together we develop the habit of regularly reviewing and updating your tracking system and monitoring ROI.

Results can take time.

Change takes effort.

You can’t develop strong muscles with a single visit to the gym and you can’t build a sustainable business development mindset overnight.

We focus on incremental improvements and nudge you into doing BD “little and often”.

You will learn to think as an owner, and you will be in control of your book.



One 60-minutes sales clinic

Working with a sales expert to focus on the topic or challenge you bring to the discussion.

You will speak with your consultant beforehand (by phone or Zoom) to review the format of the session, confidentiality and broadly what you hope to achieve.

Three 90-minutes BD consultations

This is over a three-month period. 

These allow time and space to set some goals and start delivering against them.

We help you keep momentum and reflect on actions between sessions.

Five 90-minute coaching sessions

This is over a seven-month period. 

An ‘executive’ sales programme to support more complex areas of development, a step change in ambition.

Price depends on the duration of the programme. Options 2 and 3 include an initial ‘chemistry meeting’ to discuss format, duration, confidentiality, expectations and your goal or goals.


Monica Barton<br>Partner at Reed Smith LLP

Monica Barton
Partner at Reed Smith LLP

"Anne is an excellent Business Development strategist. I worked with her on a one to one basis. She taught me how to build my client book by showing me how to focus on the right clients, build durable relationships, create a network and originate business. Together we built a profitable multi-million practice."

Senior partner<br>Top 25 global law firm

Senior partner
Top 25 global law firm

Thanks for our session on Monday. Valuable as ever.  I'll be thinking about you a lot over the next few months as I develop and grow out the opportunities. Thank you for giving me back "control". It's the first thing we identified that I needed and the one I am most grateful for having."

Matt Rees<br>Partner at Proskauer Rose LLP

Matt Rees
Partner at Proskauer Rose LLP

"Anne is an exceptional sales consultant. She has excellent, creative ideas which are structured, grounded in common sense and which show a deep understanding of her subject. Anne is perceptive and cuts through to what is relevant very quickly. She explains her ideas with practical examples and suggestions, and does not talk jargon. Anne has been invaluable in helping me develop my practice over the past few years."

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